Our 4-Class Series Format:


Each Class is 60 minutes. 4-class Infant Massage weekly series:

Wednesdays 10-11am EST via ZOOM 

(COVID-19 Protocols depending)

JUST $89.00 for 4-class series

Our Infant Massage Parent & Baby classes are for new parents with newborns to pre-crawling babies. Each week we learn simple massage techniques, focusing on different body areas, culminating in a Full Body routine to practice at home with baby. Infant massage can be a beautiful bonding ritual, enhancing motor & cognitive development, or a calming bedtime routine. We wish to help new parents become the expert on their babies by tuning in to their non-verbal cues, relaxing together amidst the chaos, and even providing the most effective cure for post-partum depression. (More at our benefits page)


Class #1: Legs & Feet (Reflexology) + Best Oil Practices 

Class #2: Stomach & Chest (Gas & Colic Relief) and Arms & Hands (Motor Development)

Class #3: Face & Back (Teething, Torticollis Relief) Gentle Stretches (Cross-laterals)

Class #4: Full Body Routine + Review


*Makeup classes available. Baby-led instruction, allowing time for breastfeeding, diaper changes... Dress casual (sweats are fine!).


Provided: Organic cold-pressed oil sample at first class.


Bring: a towel and a toy for baby (if 6 months+)

*Optional: Infant Massage Kit (available for purchase in class)


Instructor: Summer Menkee, CEIM (International Association of Infant Massage) initially learned Indian baby massage from her mother-in-law from Northern India. She taught 100's of families in Los Angeles through both public workshops and private sessions, and working with integrative pediatrician, Dr. Edmond Sarraf as part of his in-home concierge program. Summer practiced infant massage, as a mother, with both of her sons, Sage and Neel. She still does a modified oil massage at bath time with both as preschoolers and kindergarteners. Previous Celebrity Clients include: Noah Wylie (Falling Skies, ER), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, 500 Days of Summer), Virginia Williams (Fuller House, Charmed).

2020 Workshop Schedule:

Mar. 25 - Apr. 15 -  Wednesdays 10-11am - ZOOM Mtg Virtual Class

May 20 - Jun 10 - Wednesdays 10-11am - ZOOM Mtg Virtual Class

Aug. 5 - Aug. 27 - Wednesdays 10-11am - Zoom Mtg Virtual Class

Sep 23- Oct 14 - Wednesdays 10-11am - Zoom (or) Atlanta Birth Center

Atlanta Birth Center

OR via ZOOM (Covid-19 protocols depending)


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