Our Mustard Seed Pillows

Handmade, organic cotton pillow covers, filled with 100% natural mustard seeds. Therapeutic bioenergy from mustard seeds soothes tired muscles. 


Infant Pillows:

Our pillows easily mold to shape baby's head, providing optimum support to prevent spit-up during your Infant Massage routine. Helps relieve torticollis (when baby favors one side, often while sleeping, or has difficulty turning head either left or right) and helps prevent flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly).


Other multi-uses: 

  • Adult Neck Pillow (Large Size only)

  • Rheiki Head Pillow (Large Size only)



Small (1-4 months)

Medium (6-9 months)

Large sizes (9 months to adult)


*10 different pattern options available.

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