summer & sage Private Instruction: 

  •  One-on-one, baby-led, parent instruction. (Breastfeeding friendly, diaper changes and naps as needed)

  • Partners, caregivers, family members included, no added fee.

  • Babies can take on average 10-15 minutes of massage at a time, so we give them breaks as needed, and only teach 2-3 routines per session.


Private Instruction sessions are 60-75 minutes-  $250 for 3 sessions

Session #1: Legs & Feet, Gas & Colic Relief, Stomach & Chest routines + Best Oil Practices. (around 60-75 minutes needed)

Session #2: Arms & Hands, Gentle Movements, Face & Back (around 60 minutes)

Session #3: Full Body routine/review. (around 45 minutes)


How to Prepare Your Home:  

1. Clear a space in your Living Room, Nursery or Bedroom where we can all to sit with our backs against a couch or bed or wall with pillows.  Ideally, the space where you see yourself practicing your regular infant massage routine.

2. Have pillows or bolsters for back support.  

3. Have a bath towel and baby wipes handy.

4. Playing music familiar to baby is a nice touch.

5. 74 degrees temperature

6. Low lights or natural light


Optional: summer & sage Infant Massage Kit: Waterproof Plush Towel + Organic, Cold-Pressed Oil + Mustard Seed Infant Pillow -available on 'Products' page- use coupon code: noship  at online checkout/cart and I will bring it to our session.

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