"Zion slept so peacefully last night, with one less night feed, and then she slept until 9am and woke up in such a great mood. She usually thrashes around at night from gas pains and I think this is helping so much. We started a nightly routine and she's really enjoying it." ~Kim R. 


"Been massaging Aya since this weekend every night. She sleeps now 7 hours trough the night and poops every day (compared to 2-3 days before). Also less gas!" ~Marija V.


"Infant massage has helped wolfgang to bond with me as well as to relax him. He also has dry skin and the oil just soaks up everything and leaves him very hydrated. I love and am I’m obsessed with the almond oil. I even use it on myself!"  ~Danielle M.


"It not only gave me great tools for soothing a cranky infant, but also provided a great bonding time. I do the gas and colic relief routine almost every night and it seems to help baby calm down for the evening and sleep better." -Rebecca B.


“The massage worked! It all came out (baby hadn't pooped in 4 days) about an hour after we got home and she was so happy afterwards! Thanks so much! Looking forward to learning more next week!” - Laura M.


“Thanks for the tip on getting rid of Noah’s diaper rash! I switched from pampers (which had a lovely fragrance and wetness indicator to 7th generation. They are on the bigger side of newborn size and have no chemicals. We also stopped using diaper cream and are only using almond oil and mustard seed oil. Diaper rash 100% Gonzo!!!! Gracias! He loves his massages!” -Angie H.


"My baby certainly loves to be touched and he shows his approval by latching onto one of my fingers or resting his sweet little hand on mine when I am holding or caressing him. The waterproof blanket that comes in the kit is awesome! You don't have to worry about greasy/oily stains or marks on the blanket as it does not absorb the oil and shows no trace. It is very soft on my baby's skin and the size is just right. The organic sweet almond oil is amazing- though it does not smell very sweet, it sure feels sweet in your hands. A little goes a long way which is also nice because the bottle has lasted me several months. It feels great knowing that I am nurturing a little boy that will positively respond to his Mommy's loving touch for years to come. Thank you!" -Cheyenne M.


"My son had been having gas issues and not only did the lesson with Summer help alleviate that but he was also able to blissfully pass out in my lap! I bought one of her awesome massage towels, oil and signed up for one of her group classes. Later, when I had more questions Summer was quick to respond and even went the extra mile to send me information about another massage technique that I could use. I have a friend whose expecting a baby soon and I cant wait to gift her with a class. I know she will love it!"  -Jae T.


"Ironically this time period is the most vulnerable for moms still trying to figure out how to soothe our new babies. Having this ancient wisdom was such a relief. After sharing the techniques with my husband, now we both perform simple massages on our baby daily. Usually during a diaper change, or sponge bath, we have massage play. Jai also loves the knee to belly press and butt massage." ~Keya N. 


"I have been giving Ezra massage almost everyday, in between our afternoon walk and his bath/bedtime.  Sometimes it is 15 minutes, sometimes an hour.  I just get lost in it with him and he totally digs it too!  It is my absolute favorite part of the day. I’ve been massaging him with the sweet almond oil, resting on my legs, in preparation for our bath. It is so intimate and lovely, and I almost always have a let-down (milk).  I am so grateful and thankful that the universe put you in our path, so we could learn this magical skill. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~ Becca G.


"I am so excited to report that after 2 weeks of consistently using the massage techniques taught in our class my 6 month old has gained two pounds! She was weighing in at 11 lbs ...she now weighs 13 lbs and her gas pains are diminishing at night! Our bond is much stronger and daddy is included.  We wished we learned the art of baby massage as soon as she was born! Thank you Summer for such a great class! We love it!  And, thank you so much for our baby massage kit!!!!  The massage blanket is so soft and we love that it is water proof.  Way better than a towel!  I should have taken your good advice and bought the large blanket and cut it into two.  Maddie gets so relaxed she pees each massage, so we are washing the medium blanket we have every night. ~ Jennifer & Justin 


"Josie slept 9 hours straight after our legs and feet massage class!!  We have incorporated massage into our nightly bedtime routine, before bath.  I'm so grateful for my happy, sleeping, well-massaged baby!!!" 

~ Danielle W.


"As an Infant Massage Instructor myself, it was a beautiful experience to participate in Summer's class.  She is gifted with her experience, knowledge, and special touch.  Babies love her and parents have a wonderful rapport with her.  It was an honor to be a part of this workshop.  I learned new techniques that help with sleep, gas and overall relaxation, which I will incorporate into my own practice."

~ Becca S.



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