Our Waterproof Towels:

For Parents & Babies:

Enjoy our soft fleece towels with a waterproof liner that absorbs up to 8x its weight in liquid. Used in India as a crib pad (to prevent diaper leaks on mattress), and some families love to use them for diaper free time and during infant massage. Our Large size is big enough for older children and adults.

**Multi-uses include: mattress protector for incontinence, pregnancy leaks, or potty training. 


For Massage Therapists:

Our Large size is big enough for a massage table for adults or teens, and a more comfortable way to administer Ayurvedic or Oil Massage.


Available in Boho (fancy) or Classic (plain) trim styles. They are light weight and durable. 

Small (0-6 months)

Large (6 months to adult)


Machine wash delicate cycle.

Hang dry.


*10+ different color options available  

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